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“Welcome to the world where taxation armed with innovation is not a tedious process anymore!”

Sky Service Tax®, your own private Service tax consultant.

Making Taxation meet Innovation

The Finance ministry took a significant step recently by allowing manufacturing businesses to claim credit on Service Tax paid. However, the process of tracking credit of service tax and knowing accurately the amount of available service tax payable or claimable is not an easy task. We, at Hazel Mercantile Ltd understand this and focus on improving tax processes with innovative software and services that make taxation less time consuming and more cost effective – across the full array of corporate taxes. Based on our research and understanding of the taxation processes and procedures, we have designed our unique Sky Service Tax® Software that assists you in tracking credit of service tax and also generates MIS reports related to the activity.

The Tax saviour, The Tax fighter

A result of our inherent innovation, our Sky Service Tax® software is an advanced tool that caters to all your tax queries and worries. It is an able solution that helps you to simplify the tracking of operations and transaction of a Service Provider and eases the task of paying or claiming the credit as per the CENVAT provisions. Our solution has ably achieved complete automation of Service Tax transactions and simplifies with perfection the practical issues of Service Tax payments and claims. Architectured on the Finance bill guidelines and fortified by the inputs from renowned Service Tax consultants, this single product is a solution to all issues regarding tracking of operation & transactions of Service providers, tracking of credit history of Service Tax / CENVAT, maintenance of statutory documents and MIS reports. It also aids in generation of foolproof output in predefined formats.

Anyone can create a product but the skill lies in creating a product that taps into the needs of the users and effectively plugs the need gap.

Sky Service Tax® is an efficient product that plugs the need gap for a tax management software. An exceptionally flexible, Windows-based software, it helps in maintaining all records as per Service Tax Act, right from billing to filing of returns at regular intervals.

Significant features

Creates multiple Company Environments
Services Master with predefined Service Rates that automates computing of Service Tax and Excess-on-Bill amount
Separate entries for Input and Output Services, enabling accurate calculations and MIS reports
Generates bills for Output Services on plain as well as pre-printed stationery
Auto generates Service Tax Registers
Provides summary for Service Tax Payable
Maintains records as per Goods Transport Agents (GTA) Rule guidelines
Provides direct reports for claiming credit of Service Tax against CENVAT payable
Features Windows-based, well-formatted Graphical User Interface
Extremely easy to operate
Offers User Level Security


Single-point transaction for centralization and accumulation of all data related to Service Tax
Deductions and Payments can be made on-time, with adherence to legal compliance
Sales v/s Purchase weight ability

For enabling you to track credit of Service Tax, Sky Service Tax® software provides a list of documents and reports, as follows:


TR6 Challan
Form ST3
Form ST3A


Service Tax Register
Client-wise / Vendor-wise Analysis
Input / Output Service Register

Included Services

Advertising Agency
Air Transport of Passengers, embarking for international travel
Air Travel Agent
ATM Operations, maintenance or management
Authorized Station (Motor car/ Two wheeler/ LMV)
Banking and Financial
Beauty Treatment
Business Auxiliary
Business Support, of Business or Commerce
Business Exhibition
Cargo Handling
Chartered Accountant
Cleaning Activity
Clearing and Forwarding Agent
Club or Association
Commercial Training or Coaching
Company Secretary – Practicing Company
Computer Network – Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval
Commercial or Industrial Constructions
Construction of Residential Complex
Consulting Engineer
Cost Accountant – Practicing
Credit Card-related
Credit Rating Agency
Custom House Agent
Erection, Commissioning or Installation
Event Management
Facsimile (FAX)
Fashion Designing
Foreign Exchange Brokering
Forward Contract
General Insurance
Health and Fitness
Insurance Auxiliary (General Insurance)
Intellectual Property
Interior Decorator
Internet Café
Internet Telephony
Leased Circuit
Life Insurance
Mailing-list Compilation and Mailing
Management, Maintenance or Repair
Management, Consultant
Mandan Keeper
Manpower Recruitment or Supply Agency
Market Research Agency
Membership of Club or Association
Opinion poll
Other Ports
Outdoor Caterer
Packaging Activity
Penal or Shaman
Program Production (of TV or Radio programs)
Public Relations
Rail Travel Agent
Real Estate Agent
Recovery Agent
Registrar to an issue
Rent-a-cab Operator
Sale of Advertising Space or Time
Scientific and Technical Consultancy
Security Agency
Share Transfer Agent
Ship Management
Site Formation and Clearance
Sound Recording
Steamer Agent
Stock Brokering
Storage and Warehousing
Survey and Exploration of Minerals
Survey and Map-making
Technical inspection and Certification
Technical Testing and Analysis
Tour Operator
Transport by Cruise Ships
Transport of Goods by Air
Transport of Goods by Road
Transport of Goods in Containers by Rail
Transport of Goods (other than water through pipeline or conduit)
Travel Agent (other than air travel agent and rail travel agent)
Video Production Agency


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