Sky HRMS is a complete solution for Human Resources Development and Management System. It automates and streamlines HR processes with ease, thus, simplifying and eliminating routine work, helping the HR department to focus instead on strategic initiatives.

Sky HRMS is one of the leading HR software specially designed for Indian businesses. It incorporates the best HR practices of Fortune 500 companies and mature Indian corporate.

It is completely web-based, with an extensive set of modules which integrate with one another for seamless operations and cover all aspects of the HR domain, including:


Employee Information Management
Leave & Attendance Management
PayRoll Management
Performance & Appraisal Management
Training & Development Management
Recruitment & HRD Management
1. Internal Recruitment
2. External Recruitment

Employee Information Management

The Employee Information Management module facilitates HR professionals to focus on pro-active, strategic work by automating the routine, reactive, “admin” work.

Extensive Info Categories:

Basic details, qualifications, employment history, skills, compensation, etc.

Leave Management:

From leave grant to year-end adjustments and everything in between.


Churn out business intelligence from all the data with functional & MIS reports.

Employee Self Service:

Employee access to information (leave, salary, loans), initiation & tracking workflow status.

Manager Self Service:

Manage details of team members, workflows, reports.


Workflows for leave application, comp-off, loans, travel, etc.

Feel the Pulse:

Conduct daily polls or employee surveys and provide a suggestion channel for employees.

Letters & Mail Merge:

Prepare experience certificates, confirmation letters, salary revisions, etc., in 3 easy steps.

Events & Reminders:

Track events like confirmations, license expiry dates, etc. with automatic reminder facility.

Policies & Forms:

Publish HR policies, forms & other official content.

Document Management:

Keep track of documents related to employees, scanned content, and issued letters.


Enterprise grade security from all angles.


Discover a powerful platform that allows new modules to be added or modified with ease.

Functionalities & Reports

Pay Grade
Employee Details
General Details
Personal Details
Contact Details
Employee Additional Details
Employee Main Information
Employee General & Personal Information
Employee Additional Information
Wedding Anniversary
Appointment Letter
Confirmation Letter


Store all employee information records in one place
Track employee history
Retrieve employee information quickly
Protect confidential employee information for privacy
Get flexible reporting and printing options
Store scanned documents with employee information
Customize security levels with multi-level password system
Save time by giving each department manager access to employee information
Generate relieving or termination letters

Leave & Attendance Management

Managing attendance and updating employee leaves on a month-to-month basis to keep the payroll accurate is a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Sky HRMS helps to create, manage and track employee leave & attendance by creating a new Attendance & Leave Management module. It simplifies the complex & cumbersome task of monthly reconciliation of leaves of each employee and allows the HR admin managers to handle employee leaves efficiently and systematically.

A seamlessly integrated employee self-service portal allows employees to apply for leaves / submit a leave request which goes to the immediate reporting head. Employees can also view their leave balances and track their leaves for each month.

The module enables error-free tracking of employees’ time at work, with real time attendance information. This module is very versatile and works with any swipe / attendance bio-metric hardware.

Shift Management:

Configure any number of shifts, shift rotation patterns or employee-wise shift calendars.

Configure Rules:

Specify how to calculate hours worked, absent-marking criteria, flexi-hours, etc.

Overtime Management:

Setup rules on OT eligibility and minimum hours and deal effectively with Pre-OT, Post-OT & Auto-OT.

Hardware Independent:

Works with any attendance hardware.

Manual Entry Facility:

Update swipes, exceptions and gate-pass manually as well as import manual swipes from Excel spreadsheet.

Attendance Processing:

Collate shifts, swipes, holidays and leave information to create daily muster record for employees.

Employee Self Service:

Employees can view daily information including hours worked, early-out, late-in, excess hours, OT, etc.

Manager Self Service:

Manager can view team attendance information, update shift information, act on various workflow requests.

Attendance Workflows:

Apply online for attendance regularization, OT approval.

Attendance Reports:

Large number of useful and relevant reports.

Reminders & Alerts:

Automatic reminders on various events with alerts sent to employees, managers and HR admin.


Leave Setup
– Holiday
– Approval
– Denial
– Reason
– Type
– Repository
– Employee Leave Application (Yearly)
– Employee Leave Application (Monthly)

Leave Request
Employee Shifts
Leave Authorization
Weekly-Off Creation
Weekly-Off Allocation
Muster Creation
Muster Register (Month-wise)
Muster Register (Day-wise)
Day Attendance
Import Attendance


Holiday List
Attendance Register
Employee Leave Details
Leave Application

PayRoll Management

Payroll Management module is designed to efficiently process staff earnings and deductions in accordance to statutory regulations governing staff in specific regions / countries.

It fully manages and administers the entire Payroll and Taxation processes and automatically tracks the earnings, deductions and benefits for the purposes of reporting to Employees, Government Agencies, Accounts Department and Management.

It also manages Employee Costing Distribution; Banking Services; Payroll History Tracking; online verification of Data Entry, Data Security; integration to General Ledger, Financial Systems and other Human Resources Management Products.

Configurable Pay Structure:

Setup salary heads as per company policy in a highly flexible way.

Simple User Interface:

Access all employee information from a single location in a consistent & easy way.


Reimbursements management including claims, payouts, entitlements, and balances.


Unlimited loan types with different loan policies and configurable loan perquisites.

MIS Reports:

Large number of pre-formatted reports, with export to Excel or PDF and reports by email.

Reconciliation Tools:

Ensure payroll processing accuracy with extensive set of reconciliation tools & reports.


Print, email or publish payslips online, with password-protected PDF payslips and configurable format.

Flexible Benefit Plans:

Let employees plan their cash flows and tax by self-allocating from a basket of components.


Calculate arrears including mid-month arrears and email arrears statements to employees.

Income Tax:

All income tax rules including perquisites, exemptions, savings and digitally-signed Form-16.

PF, ESI & Professional Tax:

Complete handling of all payroll statutory requirements including all associated reports.

Final Settlement:

Settlement facility including auto recovery, notice, re-settlement, etc.

Easy Processing:

Click a button to process payroll for a single or many employee, with batch processing.

Employee Self Service:

Online payslips, loans, IT statements, IT calculator, etc.


Enterprise-grade security from all angles.


Menu-Driven program with web-based & user-friendly interface
Eliminates errors and speeds up the pay processes
Ensures all tax compliance, like Income Tax (TDS) / PF / ESIC
Handles all requirements including salary advances, loans and automatic EMI deductions, arrears, reimbursements, bonuses
Gives total control of the staff pay process
Generates pay slips, with auto emails to all employees
Seamlessly integrates the payroll processes with financial management system
Provides user-definable processing and payment periods; weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly or any other user specified period
Gives tax terminal benefits using any newly introduced rules or chosen guidelines
Supports periodic or annual salary increments, defined as per various payroll categories / classifications
Supports court orders, garnishments, tax levies and other court-imposed assessments
Ensures 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly-satisfied employees
Exports reports in various formats such as RTF, HTML, EXCEL, PDF

Input / Functionality:

PayRoll Master Setup
Salary Heads Creation – Basic / HRA / DA / TA
Pay Structure – Branch wise / Position wise / Pay Grade wise / Employee wise
Tax Slab – Income Tax structure
Employee Loan & Advances – Interest-able / Non-Interest-able & Re-Pay Schedule
Monthly Changeable Salary Heads
Salary Cheque Printing

Payroll Generation:

Branch wise
Division wise
Department wise
Position wise
Grade wise
Designation wise
Employee / Laborer wise


Form 16 / Form 16A Master
Form 16 Details – Employee
Form 16 A Details – Consultant
TDS Challan Form
PT Challan Form


Debit Note
Salary Sheet
Bank Transfer Advice
Employees Provident Fund
– PF Challan
– Form 3A
– Form 6A
– Form 12A
Employees ESIC
– ESIC Challan
– CA Certify Form 5A
Employee TDS
– TDS Challan
Employees PT
– PT-FORM3 Return-cum-Challan
– PT-Form 8
Form 24 O / Form 26 O
Form 16
Form 128A
Employee Loan

Appraisal/ Performance Management

This Module is used for managing Appraisals of Employees. It helps in maintaining the job descriptions, job expectations and the establishment of Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

It is divided into Master & Transaction for entering all details related to Employee Performance Appraisals.

Use of Performance Appraisals

1. Promotions

2. Confirmations

3. Training and Development

4. Compensation Reviews

5. Competency Building

6. Communication Improvement

7. Evaluation of HR Programs

8. Feedback & Grievances

Performance Appraisal Process

1. Definition of Appraisal Objectives

2. Establishment of Job Expectations

3. Designing of an Appraisal Program

4. Performance Appraisal

5. Performance Interviews

6. Usage of data for appropriate purposes

7. Identification of Opportunities Variables

8. Utilization of social processes, physical processes, human and computer assistance

Training Management

This module will help in managing and organizing training schedules, workshops, in-house seminars and skill up-gradation for employees.

Course Information:

Manage information on courses that can be conducted and store details of venue, faculty, internal experts, etc.

Manage Recommendations:

Collect recommendations for employees to attend various courses.

Course Calendar:

Create course calendar and specify dates, manage vacancies and schedules; and also track costs.

Selection Process:

Select employees to attend the courses with extensive checks during selection and also send reminder mails to employees and managers.

Training Feedback:

Create feedback forms and assign them to courses and collect effectiveness feedback.

Employee Self Service:

Employee access to course calendar, online feedback and requests for attending courses.

Manager Self Service:

Manager can view courses attended by team, recommend team members for courses.


Large number of relevant pre-built reports with ad-hoc reports generation facility.

Masters Transactions

The data entry options and settings for this module are as follows:
Transaction Schedule

Recruitment and HRD Management

A comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process, the module allows HR professionals to streamline the entire applicant tracking process effectively.


– Archiving candidate/ applicant database for future use.
– Interview scheduling.
– Assign hiring managers for job vacancies.
– Keyword tagging for advanced applicant screening.
– Social media recruiting via Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.
– CSV extractor for extracting candidate/ applicant information.
– Candidate/ applicant history.
– Post vacancies to an RSS feed on company website.
– Resume parsing: search for phrases or keywords within a resume.

Internal Recruitment

Manage Skillset
Manage Job Title
Manage Qualification
Manage Interview Type
Manage Consultant
Manage Question Set Name
Manage Question
Manage Verification
Manage Perks
Manage Area
Manage Job Portal


Manage Vacancy
Vacancy Approval
Manage Applicant
Applicant Past Work Detail
Applicant Verification Detail
Manage Vacancy Applicant
Manage Interview Round
Manage Interview Round (Written)
Manage Interview Round (HOD)
Recruited Applicant

External Recruitment

Manage Skillset
Manage Job Title
Manage Qualification
Manage Interview Type
Manage Question Set name
Manage Question
Manage Client Group
Manage Industry
Manage Client
Manage Co-ordinator
Manage Client Employee
Manage Tax
Manage Verification
Manage Perk
Manage Area
Manage Job Portal


Client Branch Detail
Client Contact Detail
Manage Vacancy
Manage Applicant
Applicant Past Work Detail
Applicant Verification Detail
Manage Vacancy Applicant
Manage Interview Round
Manage Interview Round (Written)
Manage Interview Round (HOD)
Recruited Applicant
Manage Billing
Update Billing

The administrative settings available for the user are as follows:


Change Password
User Rights
Backup Database
Restore Database
Update Database
Blank Database
Create New Financial Year
Transfer Leave Balances to Next Year
Transfer Holiday to Next Year
Dash Board


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