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The official excise consultant software that provides every trader the cutting edge over others along with the flexibility to operate flawlessly while enabling him to maintain his formalities and compliances, Sky Excise Plus® Trading is a product with high flexibility that integrates with legacy systems, taking care of all the statutory registers and returns required under the Central Excise Rules.

A Flawless Excise Software

Sky Excise Plus® Trading aptly gives every trader the flexibility to maintain his documentation while offering a comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with major accounting software.

Sky Excise Plus® Trading is continually updated with the fast changing excise laws, with successfully released timely updates/upgrades relating to major changes in excise procedures.

A vow to provide strong service support

We believe that service is one of the major critical success factors for any software company’s growth. Excise being one of the most crucial parts of business in India with frequent changes, software like Sky Excise Plus® Trading automatically demands maximum support for regular updates. To update these kind of changes on a regular basis and deliver it subsequently at the client’s place is obviously a phenomenal task, but we are focused on managing after sales service with great proficiency and promptness.


A unique excise software that helps all traders, including First Stage, Second Stage Consignment Dealers, falling under Excise to track and maintain the passing on of CENVAT. Be it a large organization or a one-man-show, Sky Excise Plus® (Trading) covers all aspects of Excise including intricacies of trading. It is an efficient product that offers a variety of unique features such as:

Enables to fulfill excise requirements.
Assures timely compliance necessary to meet government requirements for updating registers and filing of returns.
Provides a standard excise invoice as per statutory requirements, which can be customized as per the client’s format.
Provides the excise invoice in pre-printed computerized stationary or on plain paper.
Auto posts, generates and manages RG 23D, Defacing Slip, Form.
Features Purchase Register.
Features Sales Register.
Provides inventory management.
Maintains Inventory and Purchases made against Sales.

Apart from maintaining these permutations that can otherwise be a very tedious task, it also gives flexibility to generate statutory registers that can be maintained location-wise, item wise, invoice wise, client wise.


Sky Excise Plus® Trading is an efficient product that plugs the need gap in the trading industry for an official excise consultant. Some of its noteworthy benefits are:
Shortest ROI
Ready-made domain based platform to start the process of automation
Timely compliance
Single point of control


Sky Excise Plus® Trading is powered by numerous advantages that make it significant for the trading industry.
Reducing overheads
Freeing up resources
Avoiding capital expenses
Improving efficiency
Saving on manpower and training costs
Reducing operating costs
Improving speed and service
Increasing customer satisfaction


Sky Excise Plus® Trading creates all the documents and reports that would be required in a trading business for excise. Following is a list of reports that it creates:

1st Stage / 2nd Stage Dealers Invoice
Form 2 (ER1)
RG23 D register
Defacing Slip
Purchase Register
Sales Register
Stock Register
Pending Purchase Order
Inventory Reports
Stock Summary Reports
Product-wise Sales Reports
Monthly Sales Reports

Verticals Serviced

Sky Excise Plus® (Trading) can be used for many types of trading concerns such as:

Engineering set ups
Paper & Packaging (paper, craft paper, corrugated)
Textiles (garments, texturisers)
Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates
Chemicals & Cosmetics
Petrochemicals & Lubricants
Ship Building
Steel & Fabricators


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