Sky Excise Plus Manufacturing



Sky Excise Plus® is a comprehensive software that lets manufacturing companies gain better control in business operations related to excise. Built on three modules Excise, Order Processing and Service Tax, the software is designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions.

A Flawless Excise Software

Every manufacturer faces the collective uphill task of managing the various complex compliances required to satisfy the Excise laws laid down by the governance. The current market uptrend facilitates tremendous growth wherein every manufacturer will require a strong entity to manage the complex requirements of excise. Sky Excise Plus – the flawless excise software – has been developed by experts after continuous interaction and consultation with executives from manufacturing and excise

How it works

With simple user-interface, navigation, updates and data management, Sky Excise Plus is an absolute advantage. All one has to do is key in data once, and the records get updated automatically along with statutory documents.

Get ready for the big change

In terms of efficiency, Sky Excise Plus is miles ahead of a conventional Excise Consultant. It not only helps keep track of day-to-day excise statutory requirements but also ensures a smooth flow of operations.

Sky Excise Plus® Manufacturing is the right software product that assists every manufacturer to stay ahead in the competition without getting bogged down by lack of appropriate knowledge base and system. It helps in realizing the revenues and incentives given by the Government of India for engaging in manufacturing activity, in a fair, equitable and efficient manner.


Sky Excise Plus® MFG not only proves to be the most comprehensive tool for handling Manufacturing but also credits itself with the back up of knowledge base sharing and integration with various legacy systems. Be it a large organization or a one-man-show, Sky Excise Plus® MFG covers all aspects of excise including intricacies of manufacturing.
Complete Central Excise Management System with latest excise rules
Batch wise Inventory
Comprehensive Access Rights for each option and sub-option
Tally Integration
Complete integration with enterprise-wide accounting
Complete automation of excise procedures
Unique parameterization of Chapters to facilitate incorporation of changes
Auto posting of entries into RG 23 A – Part I & II registers from Purchase & Sales & Issues
Auto generation and posting of PLA Account
Auto generation of ER1, ER2, ER3, ER5, ER6, ER7 – Returns
Auto generation of Challan for payment – TR 6 Challan
Auto generation ARE 1, CT1, CT2, CT3, Rebate Claim tracking with summary


Sky Excise Plus® MFG is an efficient product that plugs the need gap in the manufacturing industry for an official excise consultant. It offers an array of benefits enabling to tread on the path of success. Some of its noteworthy benefits are:
Shortest ROI
Provides ready framework for migrating from manual system to automated computerized environment
Provides full cycle of excise management
Reduces time taken thus improving efficiency
Provides timely compliance

Reducing overhead & operating costs
Avoiding capital expenses
Improving efficiency, speed and service
Off-loading non-core functions
Getting access to specialized skills
Saving on manpower and training costs
Being reliable and innovative
Increasing customer satisfaction
Avoiding the cost of chasing technology

Documents & Reports

Sky Excise Plus® MFG creates all the documents and reports that are required for excise in the manufacturing business.

Excise Documents:
Inward of:
– Raw Material
– Capital Goods
– Finished Goods
– Sales Return
Issue for Production to:
– Own Factory
– Job Worker
– Reprocessing / Remade
Receipt of Production from:
– Own Factory
– Job worker
– Reprocessing / Remade
Received for Job Work:
– Received for Job Work
– Issue from Job Work
– Dispatch Challan
– Job Work Invoice
Inward Purchase Order (Sales Order)
Delivery Challan:
– Direct
– From Purchase Order
Excise Invoice:
– Finished Goods
[Direct / From Delivery C / Supplementary / Captive Invoice / Sale of Sales Return Goods / Commercial Invoice]
– Raw Material
– Capital Goods
Other Documents
– Form 402/ 403/ 404
– Form R
– Nepal Invoice
– Test Report
– Letter to Superintendent for Duty Payable
TR6 or GAR 7 Challan

Returns & Registers:
RG1 (Daily Stock Account)
RG23A Part I / II
RG23C Part I / II
Combine RG23A Part I / II and RG23C Part I / II
Annexure (Rule 7) / Annexure D
Form IV (Account for Non Cenvatable Material)
Form V (Goods received for Reprocessing/ Remade)
Form RG16 (Register of Goods used for Special Industrial Purpose)
Annexure B1
Annexure B (Register for Concessional Rate of Duty)
Form DVAT 30/31
ER1 / ER2 / ER3 / ER5 / ER6 / ER7
ER1 weekly

Export Documents:
ARE1 / ARE2 / ARE3 / ARE3A
Form C / CT1 / CT3 / UT1
Proof of Export
Appendix 21
Annexure 18 / 19

Labour Job Documents:
Annexure IV (for Raw Material/ Semi-Finished goods sent for Job Work)
Annexure V (for Raw Material/ Semi-Finished goods received for Job Work)
Annexure VI (under Rule 57C Subsidiary Challan for sending goods in piecemeal)
Annexure II (under rule 4(5)(a) for removal of Raw Material)
Labour Job Unit
Job Work Status (Open/ Closed)
Job Work Stock Report
Job Work Invoice-wise RM consumption status

Item/ Vendor/ Client Master
Pending Purchase Orders (Sales)
Daily Production Report
Purchase/ Sales Register
– Normal Report
– Export to Excel
Duty-payable Report
Credit Pending Report
Inventory control
– For Raw Materials/ Capital Goods/ Finished Goods
– Product Name-wise/ Group-wise/ Sub group-wise
– Detailed/ Summarized
– Periodical
– With/ without Valuation
– Re-Order Level Status
– In-Plant [WIP] Stock Report
– Daily Stock Report
– Lot No./ Batch No. wise status
– Raw Material Consumption Report
Client-wise Detailed Sales Analysis
Client-wise Summarized Sales Report (Normal/ Graphical)
Vendor-wise Detailed Purchase Analysis
Vendor-wise Summarized Purchase Report (Normal/ Graphical)
‘C’ Form Received/ Pending Status Report
Location-wise Inventory

Service Tax

Service Tax module helps in maintaining all records as per Service Tax Act, right from billing to filing of returns at regular intervals. Following is a list of its significant features:

Creates multiple company environment
Services master with pre-defined service rates that automates computing of Service Tax and Excess on bill amount
Separate entries for Input and Output services enabling accurate calculations and MIS reports
Generates bills for Output Services on Plain as well as Pre-printed stationery
Auto generates Service Tax registers
Provides summary for Service Tax Payable
Maintains records as per Goods Transport Agents (GTA) Rule guidelines
Provides direct reports for claiming credit of Service Tax against CENVAT payable
Features Windows-based, well-formatted Graphical User Interface
Extremely easy to operate
Offers User Level Security

Order Processing

Order processing module is managerial tool for tracking of Purchase Order status.

Module for maintaining from department-wise Requisition Slip to Material Inward
Linkage between Order Processing to Excise
Multiple Product details for Raw Material, Finished Goods and Capital Goods
Maintains Status of Inquiries sent, quotations received, Purchase Orders issued and Material received
Provides full cycle of Order processing

Processing of Orders can be tracked immediately right from Inquiries sent to Material received
Reports for pending status at each level helps to analyze better
No Chances of errors and omissions
Immediate availability of reports

Data Inputs
Purchase Requisition Slip
Inquiry Sent
Quotation Received
Purchase Order
Job Requisition

MRN Report
GRN Report
– Party wise
– Item wise
Pending Requisitions
Pending Quotations
Pending POs
– Product wise
– Party wise orders
– Party-Product wise
Compare price history in run-time of same or different suppliers

Verticals Serviced

Sky Excise Plus® MFG can be used for many types of manufacturing concern such as

Engineering set ups
Paper & Packaging (paper, craft paper, corrugated)
Textiles (garments, texturisers, etc.)
Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates
Chemicals & Cosmetics
Petrochemicals & Lubricants
Ship Building
Steel & Fabricators


Sky Software Series in its journey towards continual betterment has started a consulting wing that caters to support and solve problems both in functional and technical arenas. The consulting wing helps in realizing the revenues and incentives given by the Government for companies engaged in manufacturing activity, in a fair, equitable and efficient manner.

Some of the consulting services offered are:
Expert guidance for excise related queries
Latest updates information on e-mail
Regular seminars and training to customers / end users
Immediate consultancy for transition from manual to automated environment


Here are some examples of questions that are asked regularly. If an answer cannot be found to your question from below, or further clarification is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. What platform is used for Excise Software?

A. Sky Excise Plus® MFG is designed and developed using VB 6.0 as front end and MS Access as back end.

2. What are different documents generated from the software?

A. All excise related documents like Excise Invoice, Delivery Challan, Purchase Order, RG1, RG23 A Part I/II, RG 23C Part I/II, PLA, TR6 Challan, ER1/ER2/ER3, etc.

3. What are minimum system requirements?

A. Minimum Hardware requirements are Pentium II, 64 MB RAM, CD ROM Drive, USB Port. Minimum Software requirements are Windows 98 and MS Office 2000.

4. What is meant by Masters?

A. Masters are one-time, core-data entry that is required frequently while generating documents. For e.g. Entering details of name and address of customers once and saved, can just be selected from master as many number of times as required. This avoids duplication of typing.

5. Whether Inventory is maintained?

A. Yes, Sky Excise Plus takes care of Inventory for RM / CG / FG.

6. Whether we can get Job Work-wise and/or Process-wise and/or Location-wise Stock?

A. Yes, Sky Excise Plus gives stock Job Work-wise/ Process-wise or Location-wise. Click on reports, or Job Work reports.

7. What if we want Batch no. wise / Lot no. wise stock?

A. Sky Excise Plus provides facility for Batch no. wise or Lot no. wise stock. To activate Lot no. wise stock, go to tools – utilities – number settings 1. Click check box of Lot no. wise stock calculation.

8. Where can we put opening balances of CENVAT?

A. Click on Masters – Opening balances – select RG23A Part II or RG23C Part II or PLA as required.

9. Whether Multi-unit stock maintenance is possible?

A. Yes, Sky Excise Plus provides facility to calculate stock with maximum of 3 units for each item. It means that if a single item is sold or purchased in different units, one can have ultimate stock in master units.

10. What valuation method is adopted for stock valuation?

A. Stock can be valued either by Average or FIFO or LIFO method.

11. Whether pending purchase order reports are possible?

A. Yes, Sky Excise Plus gives status report for pending purchase orders on the sales side. If user has received bulk orders and despatches are made in part, status report for pending orders are also available.

12. Whether Sky Excise maintains Bill of Material?

A. Yes, Bill of Material (BOM) means details of raw materials required to produce a particular finished good.

13. What if we want Inventory, Item type-wise, i.e. for Raw Material, Semi Finished, or Finished Goods?

A. Yes, user can get Inventory reports, item type-wise.

14. Whether Invoice number will be auto-generated or manual?

A. Both. It can be either auto-generated or manual.

15. Whether Excise duties can be rounded off?

A. Yes, user can set rounding off of excise duties as enabled or disabled in settings.

16. Whether 132 column printer is required for all the registers or only 80 column printer is supported?

A. No. All the printouts from Sky Excise Plus are available on 80 column printer only.

17. Whether one can have separate series for Manufacturers and Traders Invoice?

A. Yes, the function can be enabled or disabled from settings

18. Whether Sky Excise Plus can take care of multiple processes for a single issue?

A. Yes, enable ‘One to Many’ processes in settings.

19. Whether Invoices can be prepared even if stock is running in negative?

A. Yes, Enable ‘Allow negative stock’ in settings

20. Whether one can have only single entry of monthly sales in RG 23A Part II?

A. Yes, Enable ‘Monthly one entry in RG23A Part II’

21. What are MRP-based Invoices and whether it can be generated?

A. MRP is Maximum Retail Price on which the items are sold. If any company sells product on which they have to mention MRP rates compulsorily, they need to generate MRP-based Invoices. MRP-based invoices are invoices for items where Assessable value is to be calculated 40% less from the original sale price.

22. Whether Export is linked to Excise? If yes, whether contents of Excise Invoice can directly be transferred to Export Invoice?

A. Yes. While creating Excise Invoice, if sale type is selected as Export Sales, the Export customs invoice will be created automatically.

23. Whether Postings in RG 23A Part II and RG1 can be removed date-wise?

A. Yes, Select ‘Postings Removal Date wise’ in Postings on number settings 4 in settings. It is applicable only for sales. Total amount of Excise duty for that month will be transferred to RG23A Part II.

24. Whether ER1 is generated chapter-wise and unit-wise?

A. Yes. Items are categorized Chapter-wise and unit-wise while generating ER1 form.

25. Whether Invoice format can be modified as per client’s requirements?

A. Yes, with certain pre-defined condition like horizontal lines should not be there. Plain boxes are acceptable.

26. Whether Invoice can have column for Buyer other than Consignee also; along with Consignee?

A. Yes, Go to settings – Go to Number settings 4 – Select ‘Yes’ to option “In Invoice Name of Buyer / Desp.to details”

27. Whether Stock will be transferred automatically next year?

A. Yes. Along with masters, stocks will also be transferred next year automatically.


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