About Us


“A business that consistently enriches lives is a wealthy business”

We, at Hazel Mercantile Ltd, understand that Information Technology and Automation go hand in hand. Every business that has adopted IT backed with appropriate management skills, has reaped the benefits of growth and expansion.

“Constantly innovate products, so that the customer always gets the best and emerges a winner.”

HML recognizes this ideology and holds no barriers in ideating and inventing superior software products.


Hazel Mercantile Limited (HML) is a new generation Software Product Development Company. Our products help customers in consolidating and managing business information and knowledge in a structured manner through an easy and simple mechanism.

We are a part of ‘Groupe Veritas’ [GV] – a multifaceted group with a global presence, strong capital base and up-to-date infrastructure. Guided by visionary leadership, manned by over 650 highly intellectual professionals and years of experience in multiple vertical domains, GV excels in providing flexible, value-for-money products and quality services.

In line with GV’s corporate guidelines, HML’s software products are specifically designed by keeping in mind the organization / industry requirements and the possible shortcomings therein. The outcome thus, is the creation of world-class products that are applicable to all levels of hierarchy in SMEs / Corporates / Institutions as well as to professionals and Public Sector undertakings.

HML’s organizational structure has been developed to compete effectively in the ever-changing Indian market. By embracing change as an opportunity for action, HML always responds effectively. HML’s strategic framework is based on 4 core values – customer focus, operational excellence, product leadership and people.

HML understands that people are central to creating a world-leading organization that delivers outstanding solutions on all kinds of metrics – be it in developing the latest technology, providing cutting-edge services or attaining process milestones. HML strongly focuses on its organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, integration and high-quality customer service.

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Why choose us

  • Guidance by dynamic leadership
  • State-of-art product architecture
  • Ethical work Culture
  • Commitment to consistency 

Our Vision

“Nurturing the present and aspiring for a better Future”

Our Services

Hazel Mercantile Limited not just sells a software product, but makes a commitment to a dynamic relationship so that the customer fully utilizes the solution to achieve business excellence.


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