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We believe that excellence is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced everyday.

Welcome to Hazel Mercantile Ltd – Software Division

Based on our principle of creating the best, most innovative and effective of all products, we have designed Sky series of software products. These products are a perfect match for “IT Tools” that every business can adopt to reap the rich benefits of technology.

Our products are created from rock solid research and study of market trends and they cater to an extensive and varied range of domains. They are meticulously developed with great care, so that they deliver and perform to complete satisfaction of the end user with maximum emphasis given on increasing efficiency and reduction of dependencies and cost.

Every product of Sky Series is embedded with a culture of invention & innovation, sans any barriers based on formed foundations of knowledge management, systematization and control.

We foresee a limitless access to our continual processes that adapt, grow, refine and deliver seamlessly-integrated Business Product solutions… uninhibited and not limited by anything, encompassing one and all, just like the SKY.


Why choose us

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • State-of-the-Art Products
  • Ethical Work Culture
  • Customer-driven Policies
  • Commitment to Consistency

Our Vision

“Nurturing the present and aspiring for a better Future”

Our Mission

We will not just sell a software product, but will make a commitment to a dynamic relationship so that the customer fully utilizes the solution to achieve business excellence.


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